Download the PLC Communication Guide that applies to your VS-3000 Sensor System.

EtherNet/IP (Standard)

VS-3000 EtherNet/IP communication guide for use in conjunction with Logix PLC:

2.2.2 VS-3000 Logix EtherNet/IP Application Guide (.pdf)

Application guide for VS-3000 EtherNet/IP communication for use in conjunction with PLC5:

2.2.4 VS-3000 PLC5 EtherNet/IP Application Guide (.pdf)

Profibus DP® (Option on VS-300 Sensor Managemetn Station)

Profibus Cert

Profibus Assoc. Logo

In a Profibus®-compatible network, the VS-3000 Sensor System is supported as a Profibus DP device:

2.2.5 VS-3000 Profibus DP Application Guide (.pdf)

Profibus certification for VS-300 Sensor Management Station:

Certificate Z01226 BevSense VS300SMSPROFI (.pdf)

4-20mA communication (Standard)

All VS-3000 systems:

2.2.1 VS-3000 4-20mA Applications Guide (.pdf)

All VS-1000 systems:

1.2.1 VS-1000 4-20mA Applications Guide (.pdf)

Digital I.O. – Remote/Relay (Standard VS-3000, Option on VS-1000)

Legacy VS-3000 Systems support digital input and output for brand changes (input) and process alarms (output). We offer a 64-brand configuration.

Systems shipped between 6/1/2011 and 6/1/2012:

2.2.3 VS-3000 Digital I/O Setup Guide (.pdf)