Real-time Inline Sensors for Beverage Process Control and Management
Sensors for Measuring
CO2 Purity
Brix / Sugar
Assay / Acid (TA)

Product Lines

VS3000 Series sensors output up to 9 process variables (concentrations and calculated metrics) with a single IR probe and controller.

VS5000 Gas Purity Sensor measures gas contaminants real-time 24x7. Concentrations are measured directly, not inferred or calculated.

Un-paralleled Accuracy and Repeatability

Compared to traditional methods, BevSense's infrared readings are more reliable over a wide range of fluid chemistries. BevSense's breakthroughs in minimizing measurement drift provide highly repeatable readings.

Cost and Maintenance Saving

BevSense instruments are solid-state devices with no moving parts. Our sensors require no mechanical maintenance or consumables.

In The News

Joint Venture with ENOS Engineering Announced

December 5, 2019

BevSense is announcing a joint venture with ENOS Engineering LLC located in Acton, MA to develop Gas purity sensors based on our combined technologies of Mass Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography, UV Florescence, Near Infrared, Mid Infrared and Infrared sensors. The first announced product is the VS5000 gas purity sensor which guarantees CO2 purity by measuring contaminants including Benzene, Acetaldyde, Total Hydrocarbons as Methane and SO2. Ammonia, N20 and NO detection in beta testing. BevSense is also leveraging ENOS’s large technical support team that has unmatched engineering resources in Mexico and South America. BevSense is committed to providing the best long term customer experience for our Beverage Ingredient Analyzers.

Visit the ENOS Engineering Website.