VS5000 Gas Purity Monitor for Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

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VS5000 CO2 Purity Monitor measures Aromatic Hydrocarbons as Benzene, Volatile Hydrocarbons as Methane, Acetaldehyde and Sulfur Compounds as SO2

In-Line Quality Testing of Beverage Grade Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is what makes Carbonated Soft Drinks and Beer have bubbles.  BevSense measures CO2 and makes sure that it is pure before it goes into your Liquid CO2 storage tank  and into your product.  CO2 is commercially produced from many gas sources, including ethanol fermentation, refinery gas production, natural gas wells, coal gasification, co-generation, and ammonia production to name just a few.  To assure CO2 quality, testing the CO2 before it enters your facility is imperative.


The BevSense VS5000 Gas Purity Monitor for CO2 automatically measures gas Quality before it goes into your Liquid CO2 storage tank.  The VS5000 has been approved by Coca-Cola Beverages to ensure that the quality of their products are secure from contaminated gas.  The VS5000 measures CO2 from the truck before it goes into the CO2 storage tank.  The VS5000 continuously measures the quality of the CO2 at the tank, before the CO2 purity filter and after the filter.  The VS5000 will send an alarm if the purity reaches Control Limits and an alarm when the CO2 purity reaches Specification Limits.

The VS5000 base unit measures:

-Aromatic Hydrocarbons on a Benzene scale

-Volatile Hydrocarbons on a Methane scale

-Sulfur measured as Sulfur Dioxide and Acetaldehyde

Other measurable contaminants are:




BevSense tests to published ISBT standards of quality the internationally recognized primary reference for CO2 analysis world wide.

VS5000 CO2 Gas Purity Sensor Product Brochure: VS-5000

VS5000 Gas Purity Monitor for Carbon Dioxide (CO2)